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What is Exposed Aggregate?

At Concreters Wollongong, we’re your go-to experts in Wollongong, NSW, for all things concrete, including the sophisticated and resilient exposed aggregate. This concrete finish highlights the raw beauty of stones and pebbles embedded within, offering not just a visually striking appearance but also robustness that’s well-suited for both homes and businesses in Wollongong. Its distinct, textured look not only adds slip resistance but also pairs durability with design versatility to meet your aesthetic preferences.

When Do I Need Exposed Aggregate?

Choosing exposed aggregate is a brilliant move for transforming your driveway, enhancing your commercial space, or crafting eye-catching walkways in communal areas. It’s especially suited for outdoor settings where you aim to combine longevity with a statement in style.

Benefits of Concrete Driveways


It stands up well to Wollongong’s varied weather.

Low Maintenance

A simple care routine fits well with a busy lifestyle.


The slip-resistant surface is perfect for wet conditions.

Adds Value

It boosts the look of your property with a sophisticated flair.


How Exposed Aggregate Is Achieved

The process entails delicately stripping away the top layer of concrete, unveiling the ornamental aggregates like stones and pebbles beneath. This unveils a rugged, yet appealing texture that’s both visually engaging and practical.

Which Areas Are Ideal for Exposed Aggregate?

  • Residential driveways and walkways, enhancing charm and street appeal.
  • Pool surrounds, combining safety with beauty due to its non-slip nature.
  • Commercial spaces looking for a flooring option that’s both tough and decorative.

Our Exposed Aggregate Process



We start by getting to know your vision and evaluating the project site.



We present a wide range of aggregate options to suit your style.



Site preparation is key to ensuring a solid foundation.



Our team expertly pours and reveals the aggregate.


Quality Check

A top-quality sealant is applied for both protection and shine.


“Their customer service stood out to me. They listened carefully to my preferences and delivered exactly what I envisioned. My new driveway has definitely increased my home’s curb appeal.”

James Gibson

“I was impressed by the minimal disruption during installation. They worked around my schedule, ensuring everything was tidy at the end of each day. The new driveway has been a fantastic, low-maintenance addition to my property.”

Ava Harris

Maintenance & Aftercare

It’s straightforward to maintain, needing just regular sweeping and the occasional pressure wash to stay looking great.

Why Pick Concreters Wollongong?

With over ten years serving Wollongong, our expertise in exposed aggregate is unmatched. Our dedication to quality, along with our knowledge of local environments, positions us as your first choice for achieving the perfect finish.

Frequently Asked Questions About Exposed Aggregate

How Long Does Exposed Aggregate Last?

With the right maintenance, exposed aggregate can last for more than 25 years. This durability is a clear indicator of the high-quality materials we use, ensuring your exposed aggregate remains an enduring feature of your property.

Can Exposed Aggregate Be Customised?

Absolutely, exposed aggregate offers considerable flexibility in aesthetics. We provide a selection of aggregate types, including various colors and textures, enabling you to pick a style that enhances your home’s exterior and matches your personal taste.

What Maintenance Does Exposed Aggregate Require?

Exposed aggregate is renowned for its ease of upkeep, requiring just simple maintenance to maintain its beauty. This makes it an ideal choice for homeowners who prefer a stunning outdoor area without the constant care.

Will Exposed Aggregate Increase My Property’s Value?

Yes, opting for exposed aggregate can significantly elevate your property’s curb appeal and market value. It’s a practical and attractive upgrade that positively impacts your property’s overall impression.

How Long Does the Installation Take?

The installation of exposed aggregate generally spans from several days to a week, depending on the project’s scope. Our aim is to deliver a swift and seamless installation, causing minimal disruption while ensuring top-notch quality.

Is Exposed Aggregate a Good Investment?

Given its longevity, minimal maintenance needs, and the added aesthetic and financial value to your property, exposed aggregate is indeed a cost-effective choice. The long-term advantages make it a financially savvy option for property owners.

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